Fascinated by how people bring scent into their everyday lives through a sense of ritual, I’m carrying out research to learn more about this and would love you to take part.

Why Ritual & Scent?

Through working with scent and essential oils for over a decade I have become fascinated in the way that some people are able to bring scent into their everyday lives through a quiet sense of ritual. I have come to believe that simple daily or weekly rituals can help us to use scent in a subtle manner to bring about positive change and a healing sense of calm.

My ideas have also come about through a feeling of increasing discomfort with the industry around essential oils. Essential oils are more popular now that they have ever been and while it is wonderful that many more people have access to them, it also concerns me that overuse of oils may be damaging to our own health as well as that of the planet. From both an ecological and a safety point of view, it makes sense to me to research ways in which we can use less essential oil yet still retain the positive benefits and healing sense of calm we are looking for.

To see therefore, if my theory warrants further research, I am carrying out a survey to try to determine that part that ritual plays in the incorporation of scent and essential oils into everyday health, thus providing an ongoing environment for healing.

If you are someone who uses essential oils then I would really love you to take part in my research by completing the survey which you can access below.

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NB. If you are unable to access the survey easily on this page, please follow this link which will take you directly there.