Autumn in Abruzzo

The woodburner is glowing orange, the smell of woodsmoke permeating the air.  The cat is on the sofa and the kittens are curled around each other on the chair in front of me.  I can hear the gentle patter of rain outside the door as the clouds come down lower Read more…

In the Garden

It’s amazing what a difference a few days can make to a garden.  We were away last week for a wedding.  When we left France it still felt like winter but when we returned six days later it was to a beautiful spring heatwave.  The two hour trip from Bergerac Read more…

Hello autumn my old friend

It’s that time of year again in the northern hemisphere and I’m excited to be getting out and about with my camera to catch the changing seasons. What seasonal changes are happening where you are?  I’d love you to leave me a comment and let me know ♥

Fields are full of corn

Feels like summer

It’s thirty-three degrees outside.  Baking hot, dry and still.  Even the snakes and lizards who normally love to laze in the sun have run for cover.  Lying in the shade of the tall trees, reading my book, watching the butterflies flutter by and the moorhen chicks nervously explore the edges Read more…

Bordeaux in pictures

We visited the city of Bordeaux this weekend and fell in love with the place.  Grand buildings, interesting architecture, elegant wine bars, plentiful cafés, restaurants, shops, the impressive River Garonne, and of course lots of opportunity to discover the local wine.  Here’s a little photoblog so you can see for Read more…

Hawthorn blossom smells just like spring

Feels like spring

The woodpecker is knocking, bluetits are nesting, blackbirds are singing, the frogs are croaking out across the pond, and I’ve been gardening.  Certainly feels like spring around here…… Happy springtime everyone ♥