Do you ever get that weird double feeling where you want to prolong something good to the point where it’s almost painful, but then you also want to move on to the next thing?  Nostalgia before it’s over.  Anticipation of something yet to come.

Look down

I feel like that this week.  It feels perfect here.  Sunshine and hot dry days with thunderstorms at night.  The smell of warm earth and cypress trees, new blossom and mown grass.  Lazy mornings taking breakfast in bed with the windows wide open and the birds singing in the trees.  Swimming in the pool which is slowly starting to warm up but is still pretty cold (I can just about manage ten lengths at a time).

Breakfast in Bed

So perfect.

But we’re leaving in five days time.  It’s a week where I’m trying to hang on to every moment but where I also need to get organised for what’s next.  I’ve just finished a small work contract and in amongst loads of laundry and piles of sorting out I’m trying to halt the chaos in my mind by noticing the moments as they pass.  If I don’t do this the panic will start to build until I’m incapable of doing anything.

I’m learning to do this.  To sit in the moment quietly and breathe.  I like it.  It’s new for me.

Clean washing

Moving on again for the umpteenth time.  It’s funny how every time it gets both easier and harder.  I love the freedom of moving on to the unknown but it also gets harder to leave each place we call home.  I’m looking forward to setting up in our next apartment (which we haven’t even seen yet!) but I’m loathe to pack away our life here just yet.

It helps to keep my camera with me and focus on the little things I enjoy.

Bringing out my paints and tackling a couple of fresh canvases.  I surprisingly breezed through two shiny new canvases in an hour of frenzied painting!


I’ve also been beavering away with my aromatherapy and making myself a nice healing gel.  It’s a variation on the vibrational healing balm I made a few weeks ago.  The same idea but in a gel form for easier absorption.

Healing gel Aromatherapy gel

I know that eating good food is important at times like this.  I naturally crave carbohydrates and sugar but am trying to stick to the fresh juices, salads and herbal teas.  My body and mind will thank me for it.

Good food

Taking a break every now and then with a coffee and a book helps to slow down my monkey mind.

Coffee outside

And chilling to some good music is always a good idea.  I’ve had the soundtrack to the film Rust and Bone in my head all week and have discovered the great music of Bon Iver which feels perfect for a week like this.

So it’s au revoir to the Chateau in Southwest France and hello to the Dordogne.  I’ll keep you posted.

What’s going on in your world this week?  I’d love you to leave me a comment ♥



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