In three weeks time we will be packing up and leaving.  Moving on again.  Adding yet another address to the list of many that have been racked up over the years.  I’ll miss it here.  It’s been one of our nicer house sits and of course it’s been great to have the company of our feline friend, but spring is always a good time to move on, and with the equinox just gone, the clocks changing today, and the weather getting warmer, spring is here at last.

This week I’ve been using up a large bowl of lemons to make lemon curd and tangy lemon cake and I’ve also finished making my first ever batch of limoncello.  Tastes good!  I found a few recipes on the internet and ended up using one from the Italian Dish.  In future I may alter the quantities a little to allow for a more tangy lemon taste and a little less sugar, but all in all for a first attempt I’m pretty happy with the results.  Cheers!


Slowly but surely we are seeing the garden and fields come to life with touches of colour here and there.  A lot of the trees are still very bare but there is no denying that spring is definitely here.  Yesterday was spent in the garden, reading and drinking tea until the sun went down and it was time to light the woodburner again.  We’re not relinquishing that just yet!

Dandelion Branch blossom Lavender stoechas Daisy Tree blossom

I love the feeling of optimism at this time of year.  The feeling that anything is possible.  Out with the old, in with the new.  I’ve always liked the idea of spring cleaning.  Getting rid of all the clutter around the house and home.  Opening the windows and letting the fresh air in.  Blowing the cobwebs away.

As I clear out our physical space and get ready for our move, I’m also trying to clear out my mental and digital space.  Each time we move on we seem to do so with less stuff which feels very freeing but I still manage to hoard an awful lot on my computer files and in my head.  It’s certainly more of a challenge to clear out the mental clutter but I’ve slowly been deleting old computer files and photos and organising places for storing ideas and thoughts so that I can move forward with a clear head.

My spring clean for the body has consisted of starting my days with freshly juiced vegetables and drinking a huge pot of herbal tea every afternoon.  As part of the cleansing ritual we have also finally made it into the swimming pool.  I managed two lengths yesterday and four today.  Despite it looking incredibly inviting, especially when the sun is shining, it is absolutely f-reezing!!  You do feel great afterwards though.


Happy Easter to all.  I’d love to know what’s going on in your corner of the world.  Jump in with a comment and let me know ♥



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