The sun is streaming through the windows here in southwestern France, Nina Simone is playing in the background, I’m making my own watercolour Christmas cards, and it really doesn’t feel like the shortest day of the year.  But winter solstice it is, despite the fact that I’m still harvesting herbs from the garden and hanging my washing out in the sunshine.  It’s certainly a nice way to ease into the festive season.

Although I love the buzz of Christmas time with last-minute shopping and everywhere lit up and decorated, I’m also looking forward to a lovely quiet time this year.  There will be good company, good food and lots of time outdoors.  It’s going to look something like this………

morning walks in the mistEarly morning

collecting pine and cedar conesPinecone

decorating the treeBauble

enjoying lazy afternoons on the sofa with this little fellowCat

while reading books like this and satisfying my curiosity about what it would have been like to be a flapper in the 1920’s.Z

Unlike a flapper though, I’ll be wearing these great winter flip-flop socks knitted by my talented mother from a free pattern by Chris in Niagara (thank you Mum and Chris!)Socks

and, because I can’t knit, I will be immersing myself in other creative pursuits like thisWatercolours

Tonight we’ll be lighting a bonfire to celebrate winter solstice.  There may be mulled wine (just one glass obviously) and macaroon treats.

Wishing everyone a great winter solstice and happy holidays ♥

PS. If you’re wondering about which essential oils to use at this time of year here are some of my suggestions:  Five festive scents  *  Voluptuous vetiver  *  Winter warmers




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