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Aromatherapy Awareness Week runs from 9th to 15th June this year, so to celebrate I’ll be sharing a little bit of information every day on this beautiful and ancient healing art.

To start at the very beginning I have chosen a wonderfully illustrated infographic created by mixaroma to answer a question it seems a lot of people have…

I can’t help getting the feeling that aromatherapy is an oft misunderstood therapy with most people remaining blissfully unaware of what to do with these tiny bottles of oil, with their curious and mystifying scents, once they have them in their possession.

Hopefully the above infographic helps to explain aromatherapy in a little more detail and over the coming week I’ll be giving you more information on how aromatherapy can be used in everyday life.  Use the sign-up form at the top of the page to make sure you receive email updates for my blog.

In the meantime why don’t you leave me a comment and let me know your own experience of aromatherapy ♥



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