Living in the middle of nowhere I cannot fail to be fascinated by the local wildlife.  Some time ago I wrote about the little bat that found its way into our bedroom one Saturday morning.  Recently I’ve become rather more interested in the hare.

The mystical hare in motion

The mystical hare in motion

The hare appears to live somewhere in the hedgerow down the driveway but is a regular visitor to the garden where it likes to sit munching grass or majestically poised on the large stones that border the lawn.  In winter it would sometimes sit under the lounge window catching the early morning sun or meditating in the stillness of evening.

Standing in the garden with my morning cup of tea, the hare has often teased me by coming close, slowly and nonchalantly and then skipping off at high speed with no chance of me following.  I love the skips, the jumps and the twist and turns as it darts around the garden, and the speed with which it races across the fields.  A mystical and captivating creature, the hare has certainly got me mesmerised.

With its regular appearances I decided to do some research to find out what I could learn from our friend, the hare.  In the teachings of Native Americans animals are greatly respected and very much seen as our guides.  As the ones with their ears so close to the heartbeat of Mother Earth it is said we can learn a lot from them.

So why the hare?  Why do I feel such an affinity towards it?  And what can I learn from it?

  • Well, for one, it is wild (my word for this year) and cannot be tamed.  The ideal animal totem for the free-spirited.
  • With its ability to twist, turn and dart out of the way of obstacles, the hare teaches us to follow our dreams and not let anything get in our way.
  • Solitary and independent, the hare often lives alone and symbolises those in society who proudly follow their own path.
  • Mysterious, magical and often misunderstood, the hare represents those who stand out from the crowd and do things their own way.
  • Seen as a trickster the hare lets us know it’s ok to break the rules sometimes and rebel, great characteristics to bring about change.
  • As well as being connected to the earth, the hare’s 28 gestation period means it is also in tune with the lunar energies of the moon therefore teaching us to honour our natural cycles and rhythms.

So dare to be different, stand out from the crowd, break the rules a little and follow your dreams.  Honour the cycles and rhythms of your body and energy.  Own your inner mystery.  Be wild.  Be free.

Do you have an animal that you really connect with and feel you learn from?  Let me know in the comments ♥




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