It was one of those lazy Saturday morning lie-ins.  The sun was streaming through the open windows and the first birds of spring were calling to one another.  I was just about to pour another cup of tea when the little bat flew in through the window.  It gracefully fluttered around the room a few times trailing cobwebs and came to a rest on one of the rafters.  Tucking itself in neatly, it gave one last stretch before going into a deep slumber.  We stared at the little bat somewhat surprised before going back to our tea and crossword.

The little bat covered in cobwebs, roosting among the rafters

The little bat covered in cobwebs, roosting among the rafters

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about taking notice of little occurences, signs and repeated messages and decided to do some research into the bat and what it was here to teach us.  Of course there is every likelihood that it was blown out of hibernation by the strong winds the night before and was just looking for somewhere to sleep, but it did seem odd that it would come into the house.  Being who I am I took this as a “sign” and here’s what I found out about the bat.

According to Native Americans the bat is the sign of rebirth, transition and intuition.  Apparently the appearance of the bat means a dying of the ego.  Letting go of old habits and ways of thinking which no longer serve us so that we can move forward towards a better life for ourselves.  An increased trust in intuition (as the bat relies on senses other than sight), relying on what we already know to be true rather than imagined fears.  The bat as a cave-dweller also symbolises going into the darkness and visiting our demons, facing our deepest fears, so that we can start to accept ourselves fully as we move forward.

Interesting!  I can hear the sceptics now but am choosing to ignore them.  The little bat has made me think about some of my own fears, some of my own demons, some of my own habits and thought patterns that I would like to let go of.  Part of taking this year out and living here in the country was to do exactly that.  Get way from it all and have a good look at what is really important when moving forward.  I have the urge to feel lighter and more carefree in the future so learning the arts of acceptance and letting go are pretty important for me.  And yes of course I know it’s not easy when the ego tries its hardest to hold on to things and to resist change, but as I’m finding out, it’s certainly possible.

Last Saturday evening I gently scooped the bat from its roost in the bedroom and placed it in a little bat cave I had fashioned out of some spare wood outside.  It stayed with us for a few days, moving around but not leaving the bat cave.  By Wednesday evening it was gone.  I can only think that it may have been injured when it was knocked from its roost, either that or it was still in hibernation, only waking with the warm weather this past few days.  Either way it was a surprise visit by an unlikely visitor, but a very pleasant one all the same!

Have you ever had a visit from a bat or other animal that you feel has taught you something?



echoesofthepen · March 10, 2014 at 8:19 pm

A really nice gentle story, beautifully told, and thoughts in conjured up complimented it really well…

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