What I've been reading recently

What I’ve been reading recently

Apparently it was Frank Zappa who said, “So many books, so little time”.

I’ve felt the same ever since I was a kid when my mum would take us to the local library on Saturday mornings.  Or in school when we would get a delivery from the bookclub. I would sit at my desk and stare at my shiny new book.  Read the cover and smell it but never open it.  School just wasn’t the place to do it.  I would wait until I was home, snuggled up in my favourite corner.  Only then would I open my precious new book, smell the ink on the page and dive in.  Excited about the world I was going to enter.

One of my favourite experiences is wandering around secondhand bookshops.  I remember almost all the ones I’ve encountered on my travels as well as the books I’ve bought there.  I don’t know why but secondhand books are somehow more precious with the names of previous owners scrawled inside, notes in the margins and page corners bent over to mark each day’s progress.  There are a million memories in every old bookshop, something that modern stores or the online marketplace can never compete with.

I recently rediscovered a beautiful old bookshop situated on the city walls in Chester crammed full of books, with more piled up higgeldy piggeldy on the floor, waiting to be categorised and put on the shelves.  To my dismay it was closing down.  I understand how hard it must be for secondhand bookshops to compete in today’s world but it’s just such a shame to lose these wonderful places.

Anyway, I did come out with a couple of great books in perfect condition at a great price (the top two in the photo) and it inspired me to write this little post and share with you my recent reads:

  • Love by Toni Morrison – one of my all time favourite authors, I loved this story and the different perspectives it is written from.
  • By the Light of My Father’s Smile by Alice Walker – another favourite author of mine who I haven’t read for a long time.  This was a great book through which to get reacquainted.
  • Lost in Translation by Nicole Mones – at first glance I thought this was the book of the film by the same name, but no, it is a wonderful story set in China.  I really got lost in this novel and its interesting characters.
  • Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt – this is classed as True Fiction and is a fascinating insight into the city of Savannah, Georgia.  It really makes me want to visit.
  • A prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving – this is the first book I’ve read by Irving.  It was recommended to me years ago and I finally got round to reading it.  I’m so glad I did!

What are you reading at the moment?  Leave me a comment and let me know. 




echoesofthepen · February 14, 2014 at 8:16 pm

A delightful post. One of my own favourite past-times is wondering through all those rare book shops to be found along the Charring Cross road and all the little treasure filled side-streets.

Ten things you cannot do with a Kindle! | elizabeth milligan · September 12, 2014 at 1:16 pm

[…] ever disappear completely in favour of e-book readers.  His question made me feel a little sad as I LOVE books and book shops, especially secondhand stores with their particular smell and exquisite […]

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