Have you ever made a vision board?  I mentioned a couple of posts back that new year resolutions are not really my thing.  They usually involve giving things up or being stricter with myself or more organised.  A surefire way to get my inner rebel working overtime.  Vision boards on the other hand work entirely differently.  The visual element immediately puts my inner creative to work and gives me the opportunity to do something I love.  Dream!

So yesterday morning saw me on the floor in the bedroom surrounded by glue, a blank canvas and a pile of magazine cuttings.  The incense was burning and I was listening to a random mix on my ipod.  I felt like a kid in art class again.  It was great.  Is there some kind of job where I could do this every day?Vision Board

This is the vision board I created two years ago in January 2012.  I didn’t do one last year but kept the same one on the wall in my bedroom.  I liked seeing it every day when I was sitting in bed.  It may look a bit cluttered but that’s how I like it.  Some people have very minimalist boards but as you can see, I’m trying to cram a lot in.

So how did my vision board work for me?  Well I think putting images there that I saw every day affected me every time I made a decision.  I automatically headed towards the images in my mind.  As a visual learner, if I don’t have an image or set of images in my mind then I don’t really know where I am heading.  This board helped me to move in the right direction.

Back in January 2012 I was living in an old and cramped apartment in the middle of a busy city.  I was single and not overly enamoured with my job.  Two years later and I am living in a big old farmhouse in the country.  I’m no longer single and I no longer have the job I didn’t want.  I’m not saying that life is perfect but if I look at the board there are a surprising number of elements in it that are now part of my day to day life (including the deer!)

If you are a visual person and believe in the power of intention, in our ability to manifest our dreams then you may find vision boards useful.  If you need more information about making a vision board then have a look at Christine Kane’s detailed guide and ebook.  And if you’re not the scissors and glue type then Pinterest is an online way of making something similar to a vision board.  You can see my own favourite Pinterest board here.

Happy vision boarding ♥



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