Over a decade ago while suffering badly with a herniated disc in my lower back I discovered massage, or rather I found a small and slight massage therapist named Heather.  I was in a lot of pain, had a hard time walking, sitting, sleeping and felt like I was slowly going mad.  I was desperate to get some relief and, after chatting to a colleague who was a client of hers, I decided to visit Heather.

The first thing that Heather said to me after greeting me with a huge grin was this:  “I bet you think I won’t be a good massage therapist on account of my size, but I’m stronger than I look”.

I hadn’t thought anything of the sort but her naturally open approach put me perfectly at ease and I had started to relax before I’d even entered the massage room.  As we walked into the warm and dimly lit room there was a beautiful smell that simultaneously made me feel both comforted and slightly melancholic.  It was the remnants of the oils lingering in the air after the previous client and it was my first real experience of the powerful effect of essential oils.

That first massage was possibly the best massage I have ever received.  I slowly started to unwind body and mind as her expert hands confidently and knowingly eased away my pain, soothing my tight muscles and bringing my own awareness to areas of stress and tension.  The oils she chose for me were a perfect combination and I left at the end of the session feeling not only like I was finally on the mend, but also like I had made a very important discovery.

What started as a trial run turned into weekly appointments that I looked forward to with an almost addictive craving and I left each session in a daze of complete and happy relaxation.  I would still be having my weekly appointments now if I hadn’t moved abroad and I’m still sad that in all my searching since I have never found a therapist quite like her.

Those sessions kept me going at a difficult time and, although I didn’t know it then, they started something I could never have imagined:  A new education, a change of career and work that makes me feel truly alive.

I don’t know what happened to Heather.  People move on, lives change.  But wherever she is and whatever she is doing I would like to thank her for her inspiration and the part she played in changing my life for the better.


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