Over the rainbow

Over the rainbow

How many times have you been told in response to a new idea or plan that things just don’t work like that in the real world?

I have, countless times!  I’ve heard them all:

“Oh no, no, that won’t work at all.”

“How are you going to be able to do that?”

“But won’t you need a real job?”

“But what about your pension?”

“You’ll never get a mortgage you know”

“Why don’t you just settle down?”

Ask anyone who knows me and you will find out that I’m just not so good at living in the real world.  I don’t conform so well.  I’m not great at being told what to do.  Apparently I have an overactive imagination.

Ever since I was little I’ve reacted to the above responses in the same way.  Confusion, bemusement or, all too often, disappointment and disillusionment as yet another one of my “hare-brained schemes” has been trampled all over by a well-meaning observer.

Don’t these people get it?  I am in the real world.  My real world, hare-brained schemes and all!

I’m not sure this fictional “real world” that I keep hearing about sounds so great anyway.  Where are all the happy folk?  Is this the world where soul-destroying jobs tell us who we are and what we are worth?  Where the amount of meaningless tasks we have to do to keep the boxes ticked and other people happy leaves no time to live life as we really want?  Where people are desperately jumping on the bandwagon, getting into debt, letting themselves be told how they “should” be living their lives?

Whenever I get told that I should really be heading back to the real world to get a real job and face up to being a real adult then there’s one quote I like to ponder:

“Not everyone will understand your journey.  That’s fine.  It’s not their journey to make sense of.  It’s yours.”  Zero Dean

What about you?  What’s your reality?  Are you battling the naysayers and doing your own thing or are you feeling the pressure to conform?




Amy Anderson · November 15, 2013 at 2:40 am

Again, I love your post. It resonates so much with me. I walk the line between reality and living my own way!

The Magic of the Real World | Anne-Sophie · November 15, 2013 at 8:25 am

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