Hello!  I’m Elizabeth / Libby or Bee.

A lifelong wanderer and lover of slow, simple living, I love outdoor life when the sun is shining and when it isn’t I like to be indoors in front of the fire, writing, doodling, painting or concocting some kind of healing balm. I also spend a fair amount of time dreaming and wondering about life in general.

My inspiration comes from nature and wild, open spaces and I love exploring and pushing myself to do new things.

I have qualifications in aromatherapy, marketing and English teaching and aside from the occasional teaching contract, have spent the best part of the last seven years housesitting in France, Italy and Denmark, doing massage, taking photos, painting, potion-making, cycling on an ancient bike and swimming in pools, rivers and the sea.

My current home is a small caretaker’s cottage in the grounds of an organic Normandy farm  where, along with my partner, I work part-time looking after the chickens and cats, helping with the cows and horses, tending the gardens and trying to tame a huge overgrown vegetable patch.  We have our own cow to milk, fields to roam, caves to explore and a spring-fed pond for a morning dip.

Other things about me…

I am an introverted Leo (I guess that’s an oxymoron) to the point of being happily reclusive.  I class as INFP on the Myers Brigg scale

I LOVE swimming and have a slight addiction to swimming in cold water

I often experience overwhelm and regularly have to retreat for long spells of quiet contemplation

I’m a huge fan of bold intuitive painting – painting, like massage, makes me feel alive

I’m a huge procrastinator over tiny unimportant decisions but when it comes to big things I always take the bold route and, without too much thought, can find myself leaving jobs, switching countries (I’m on my seventh right now), shaving my head and saying Yes! to the most unlikely of adventures

When I am not online you can find me….

ambling around outside with my camera or notebook

journaling and writing – anything from random thoughts to short stories and ideas for novels

collecting herbs and vegetables from the garden and eating simple homegrown food

making healing balms and potions with herbs and essential oils

drawing, painting, experimenting with colour

hanging out and not taking life too seriously with this guy here

lying on the grass and staring at the clouds (or stars if I can’t sleep!)

I hope you enjoy my blog.  

This is my online space to share what matters most to me.   I would love to hear from you so please drop me a line and contact me using the online form or sign up for coffee & daydreams.

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